What’s In the Name:

The City of Visalia has identified the neighborhood around us, the area between Tulare Ave. and E. Noble Ave., as Seven Oaks. In relation to the location of our campus, Seven Oaks Park and Seven Oaks Bark Park are both within walking distance. The name Seven Oaks Church signifies our relationship and commitment to the community around us known as “Seven Oaks”.

Seven Oaks, specifically seven, speaks to the seven rhythms, that as Christ Followers, we are committed to living out on a daily basis. We know that prayer, daily devotions, being free of strongholds, sharing our story, celebrating life, serving our community, and giving sacrificially and generously are vital to the development of our faith and opportunity to Love, Engage, and Influence our community well, becoming “THE CORE” of our faith community.
Throughout history, cultural change has occurred when real investment is made within the church, social sector, government, education, business, arts & entertainment, and media. As the church, we seek to advance the gospel through these seven channels of culture. Because we know and love Jesus, we are committed to seeking cultural change within each channel represented in our neighborhoods, greater community, the nation, and world to reach those who do not know God or are far from God.

As Seven Oaks Church and as followers of Christ, we recognize it is our responsibility to live out the seven rhythms within the seven channels of culture, actively demonstrating what it means to love and be loved by Christ. 

Where's the focus...

Committed people that actively demonstrate what it means to love and be loved by Christ. Focused on discovering our gifts and passions and finding conduits to serve in them. Through initiatives to serve and discipleship, creating environments to serve within the church, locally and globally that will give way to the next generation to serve Jesus through the local church. 

Where we’re going...

Seven Oaks Church is a community of people gathering together to celebrate the beauty in our diversity and the hope given through Jesus. We are called to be active partners in mission… to be the Church. Through this, our purpose is to make Christ real in our lives and share His grace so that others may know His salvation.

As a key part of the fabric of this community, we are committed to daily adding value, to bring wisdom, to foster better relationships, and to be intentional about the change we are called to live out. As the Local Church, we are on mission together… not just as individuals… but a body of believers moving forward as one Church for the kingdom of God


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Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am and 11 am.