Mission Group F.A.Q's

What Is A Mission Group?

Mission Groups are 12-week rhythms that study the Bible using the question-based Discovery Bible Study method, and includes a prayer and serve experience and a week to celebrate (this means usually a time to eat and laugh). Our goal is that everyone at Seven Oaks Church is a part of a Mission Group.

How Do I Register?

We’d love to get you connected to a group when we launch in the Fall of 2021. If you are interested in joining one of our upcoming groups please sends us an email at discipleship@sevenoaks.church.

When & where will my Mission Group meet?

Mission Groups will be held in various locations depending on the group. Most groups will be meeting between 7-9pm during the week. 

What is the Discovery Bible Study Method?

Basically, it’s a process of looking into a specific Bible passage and asking a series of questions to help open discussion about what God is saying in regards to himself and about us. Our desire is to get people into the Word of God, this is why we are focusing on Bible passages and not chapter books on the Bible. For more information about the Discovery Bible Study method visit: https://www.dbsguide.org

Is there childcare available?

Each Mission Group is responsible for providing their own childcare. We encourage and ask each Mission Group to include their children in some part of the group time and then allow for separate time specifically tailored for both the adults and children. Some practical suggestions regarding childcare can include parents chipping in together to hire a babysitter either at the place they meet or at a nearby home. Each group can decide how to handle this issue in the most appropriate way for their group.

What is the commitment?

We are asking that each person who signs up for a Mission Group stick with the first 12-week Rhythm. Our hope is you continue with the group indefinitely, but if you are looking to change groups, the end of a rhythm is the perfect time.

How long do Mission Groups last?

Think of this as a two-sided coin. On one side is the desire for Mission Groups to be indefinite. Why is this? Because we believe that groups that serve together stay together, and groups that stay together help build a stronger community and a stronger church. On the other side of the coin is the reality that people move, groups change, and other groups open. Mission Groups will run in what we call ‘Rhythms’ of 12 weeks each. There will be three Rhythms during the year, the fall, spring, and winter. Each Rhythm consists of the following:
Week 1-3 – Bible Study
Week 4 – Prayer Experience
Week 5-7 – Bible Study
Week 8 – Serve Experience
Week 9-10 – Bible Study
Week 11 – Celebration Night
Week 12 – Rhythm Break
At the end of the spring Rhythm we will have an All-In Celebration where all the Mission Groups will come together and celebrate over dinner and share how the year went. We will not be holding Mission Groups during the summer.

What Happens when a Mission Group gets too big?

One of the intrinsic values of Mission Groups is that they are small, which enables them to foster a more intimate atmosphere of trust, accountability, and personal spiritual growth.

Small intimate groups represent the model of the New Testament Church.
(Acts 2; Philemon 1:2; Col. 4:15; 1 Cor. 16:19, etc). When a group of adults number 13 or more, it’s time to begin planning a Mission Group Plant. A Mission Group Plant takes place when part of the group establishes another Mission Group independent of their parent Mission Group. Like natural birth, this at first can seem painful, especially because a group has built strong intimate relationships. But the heart of the Kingdom of God is about reproducing disciples, and planting new Mission Groups not only improves the opportunity for intimacy and accountability but also increases the opportunity for others to join who are not members of a Mission Group. This process can be amazing and a celebration of more people being sent on mission together.