COVID Update
Covid -19 has hit our families and kids hard. From closing schools and extracurriculars , to now distanced learning, we are all going though this together. Our Kids ministry is meeting every Sunday night at 7pm at the LeFaive home gathering. Our volunteers are having a safe, clean and fun environment for kids to engage with one another and with God. We have sanitizing stations as well as require face coverings for anyone over 2 years of age. Kids are taught a Bible Lesson while also doing crafts and other object lessons to better understand and engage the Word of God. We can’t wait to see you soon back on campus for kids ministry, and we are taking the necessary steps and precautions to ensure a safe environment.

A place where kids of all ages are welcome to have fun with their peers, while also learning about Jesus in a way that starts that conversation about Jesus.

Sometimes kids can get overlooked in life. ‘Seen and not heard’. But Jesus told HIs disciples to “Let the Children come to Him”.  Here at SevenOaks, we want to come along side parents to create safe space for kids to engage one another, and also engage with God. Our desire is kids not only be taught the Word of God, but that they be loved  by our volunteers and other families. We believe that every kid matters in the eyes of Jesus, and our amazing volunteers are committed to seeing God do amazing things in the life of each child.


SevenOaks Nursery
Our Nursery is for children from birth- 24 months. a space where those starting to walk and crawl can have that space, and babies that are more cuddle bugs can have that care with our volunteers.

SevenOaks Toddlers
Our toddler ministry is for kids 3-5 years of age. This is a time where kids are going to start retaining information and even repeat it. What a tender age to talk about God in a way for kids to soak up this information and begin their journey. 

SevenOaks Kids
For elementary kids from 6 years of age- 6th grade. Our kids group worship together as well as hear an impactful teaching time from our KidsTeam. Craft and object lesson help better communicate and understand our Main Point from that days teaching. 

Our Superstars ministry is for kids who have any sort of special needs and may need a little bit more love, attention and care. We have volunteers with experience who work 1 on 1 with our Superstars. To better serve families with this ministry, we ask that families fill out application so that we can better understand the needs that families will need served; and so we can have the ample amount of volunteers to serve our families well.

Family Resources
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